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    We provide 24 hours emergency drain services to any blocked drains, cctv drains survey. If you have any drain blocked or blocked toilet in Oxfordshire call 24/7 01865 802422
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Blocked Drains Oxford

We specialise in all full range of drains services including 24 hour emergency response.

One Call Policy

Our friendly team are on hand everyday to ensure your call is always answered.


Our cooperation are built on a responsive framework, which gives them a friendly for our customers.

Qualified Team

Our employees are extremely valued and highly trained before starting work at MayerDrain.

blocked drains in oxford

Blocked drains

can be a real pain. It’s a fact that a blocked drain is one of the most common reasons that the customers is contacts us. We are able to tackle your drainage emergency quickly and safely, 24/7. the most common causes of blocked drains? Grease & Fat, Leaves & Roots.

Call 01865802422

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Blocked toilet

is undoubtedly a frustrating problem, we can resolved it for you very quickly. Blocked toilets are a type of home emergency that makes a home become unlivable. Flushing wet wipes instead of toilet paper is said to cause up to 75% of blocked toilets. We provide 24/7 services.

Call 01865802422

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Drain Survey

Our advanced CCTV drain inspection camera technology is the fastest and most cost effective way of drain inspecting to find out problem causes. Blocked drains and sewers are largely hidden from view and are not always accessible for close inspection using other methods.

Call 01865802422

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Drain Repairs

Signs of damage to our drains and sewage are not always obvious. Bad smells and standing water might indicate a blocked drains, but damage of our drains is not very easy to detect. Re-lining your damaged drains instead of replacing saves excavation with minimal disruption.

Call 01865802422

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Blockages & Drainage Services Advices

  • How to unblock a clogged toilet

    Unblocking a toilet can be a dirty job, Fortunately, we've got an advice you need to fix a blocked toilet. Here's what you tried to do: One way of unblocking and the toilet is to do it by hand. If you know what's blocking the toilet, use your hands to remove it yourself. Always wear gloves, It's not pretty but it's effective. You can try to use the plungers to unclog blocked toilet pipes. Cover the drain hole with the plunger, forming a tight seal. Do not stop until the blockage is clear. What can clogged toilet: napkins, paper towels, dental floss, wet wipes, feminine products, nappies, Blue or green hand paper. If you're still having a problem with your blocked drain as a last step call to your local drain company MayerDrain ☎ 01865 802422 our plumber will be able to unblock your toilet in no time. We are working near Oxford, Kidlington, Yarnton, Witney, Banbury, Abingdon, Bicester, Didcot and rest of Oxfordshire area...

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  • Why drains blocked?

    The Winners are… Tree Roots in Drains Tree roots thrive in the warm, moist, nutrient rich atmosphere above the water surface inside sewer drains. The flow of warm water inside the sewer pipe causes water vapour to escape in to the cold soil surrounding the pipe. Tree roots are attracted to the water vapour leaving the pipe and they follow the vapour trail to the source of the moisture, which is usually a crack or loose joint in the sewer pipe. Upon reaching the defect, tree roots will penetrate the opening to reach the nutrients and moisture inside...

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  • Drains or sewer issue

    Soap, toothpaste, hair (especially from shaving) and other bathroom waste can, if you’re not careful, quickly build up over time to obstruct drains in the bathroom. This can be very unpleasant, as it making it impossible to do all those essential human things like washing, shaving and the like. MayerDrain specialists, your local blocked drain experts, has the expertise and equipment to tackle even the most stubborn bathroom blocked drain, so you can rest assured we’ll get your drains cleared in no time at all so you can get your routine back on track...

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Client Testimonials

  • "Brilliant service. Prompt and professional on a very dark and cold night"

    awkenyon posted on www.trustpilot.com
    Oxfordshire Drains Services

  • "Came out punctually on a Sunday morning. The problem blockage was assessed and cleared thoroughly using a well equipped van. Very polite and helpful service which is why I prefer smaller local companies. I will definitely use again. Many thanks."

    Jon Dennington posted on Google.co.uk
    Oxford Drain Services

  • "Efficient, effective and friendly. Highly recommended."

    Phil Gordon posted on Google.co.uk
    Oxford Drain Services - Local Company

  • "Drain from toilet found blocked on Boxing Day, rang Chris next morning and booked them for 1pm. They arrived promptly and found the block due to a pipe joint break and also with camera found a root growing through another break in ceramic pipe. With two fibreglass patches they mended the pipe and left us in good shape by 1pm Thursday. I must praise them for their efficient and thorough work to solve the problem. Finally I would say that the cost of the work was very reasonable and would recommend them fully for any work on drains."

    Peter Venables posted on Google.co.uk
    Oxford Drain Services - Local Drain Company

  • "I can't recommend Chris highly enough. He came on a Friday evening before a bank holiday and sorted out a severely blocked drain affecting our flat and a number of others. Arrived well within an hour and was in and out for a extremely reasonable price. Fantastic professional service. Highly recommended."

    Timothy Cooper from Oxford posted on Google.co.uk
    My Local Oxford Drain Company

  • "Excellent, I rang them at lunchtime and they came the same day. The team were very friendly and got straight to it waste water now drains away well worth the money. Would I recommend them that goes without saying Yes!,"

    Paul Spicer from Oxford posted on Google.co.uk
    Unblocking Drain Services

  • "Very impressed with this service. I wasted so much time, money and effort before calling them. I wish I found out about them earlier when the problem began. Happy to recommend to anyone. Thank you!"

    Tatiana Bachkirova from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Oxford Drain Company

  • "The guys come out in my hour of need on a cold Sunday afternoon, they were swift and professional, I would highly recommend them Useful"

    Helen King posted on www.trustpilot.com
    My Trusted Local Drain Company

  • " I had been waiting 3 days for a plumber who never came! So I called these guys and they were there the next day. They did a great job - fast and professional and actually fixed my problem! They were also able to come early in the monday morning so I could get to work on time. Great service and the guy who came to fix my toilet was very nice and polite!."

    Jordon G from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Oxford Drainage Plumber

  • "Chris was extremely professional, on time and honest. He was actually called out to finish a blocked sewer job where the previous plumber had not only failed, but got his hose caught. All done without fuss and well worth the fee. I wouldn't hesitate to engage them again or recommend to anyone in need."

    Michael posted on www.trustpilot.com
    MayerDrain Local Plumber

  • "Excellent service, had a blocked drain mess up the backyard early morning and was worried it would get in the swimming pool. Mayerdrain had a plumber on site within the hour and all the whole mess was fixed up by the afternoon. Very good service."

    Matt Ras from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Blocked Drains Services

  • "Recommended by a friend, and reading the reviews here confirms that these guys are total professionals. Excellent, prompt service with top-notch quality work. Two old toilets serviced and repaired back to an excellent working condition. The guys who came onsite was very good at explaining the issues, and making sure it all worked correctly before leaving. A few weeks later, I couldn't be happier that the leaking toilets are working like new again. I have a few other tasks around the place that need doing, and will definitely be calling again to use these guys. 110% recommended."

    Jennie Porter from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Drain Local Company

  • "Had a backed up drain on a Sunday morning. Had no idea which of the many companies the google search returned to use! After reading the reviews on this company decided to put my faith in them an glad I did. They were with us within an hour, no hidden charges and all the equipment they needed. I cant recommend them enough."

    Glen M. from Didcot posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Drainage Services Didcot

  • "Excellent, I rang them at lunchtime and they came the same day. The team were very friendly and got straight to it waste water now drains away well worth the money. Would I recommend them that goes without saying Yes!,"

    Paul Spicer from Carterton posted on Google
    Drain Company Carterton

  • "I can't recommend Chris highly enough. He came on a Friday evening before a bank holiday and sorted out a severely blocked drain affecting our flat and a number of others. Arrived well within an hour and was in and out for a extremely reasonable price. Fantastic professional service. Highly recommended."

    Tim Cooper Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Oxford Drain Unblocking Services

  • "Unblocked domestic drain. The work was carried out promptly and efficiently. Highly recommended."

    C Duchesne from Witney posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Witney First Choice Drains Company

  • "I rang at 9am and they came about 5.30pm. I was really pleased they came the same day. They phoned 20 mins before to say they were on their way. Very polite and efficient. Explained the problem and fixed it. As they were only on site for 15 mins this is a bit expensive but we were so glad to get the problem solved that we didn't mind. Highly recommended for efficiency."

    LornsJ Aylesbury posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Blocked Drains Aylesbury

  • "I called around 2 in the afternoon with an overflowing drain cover and they arrived at 6pm the same day. I was very impressed with everything they did and their friendly attitude. The pipe was unblocked and inspected with a camera while they explained exactly what the problem was and what I needed to do going forward. I will only be contacting this company in the future. Highly recommended!."

    Fenella George posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Drain Company Abingdon

  • "Guys came in very quickly and they solved the problem in no time!!!! Very highly recommend.." 

    Andy Bielinski from The Oxford Kitchen posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Commercial Drain Services Oxford

  • "had to call them out today for a blocked loo. They were on time, solved the problem and were clean and tidy. Very happy with the service and wouldn't hesitate to use them again." 

    Marc Kavanagh from Chesterton posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Unblocking Drain Service Chesterton

  • "Fantastic service provided by very nice professional team who came shortly after our phone call. Very clean and friendly. We had experience in past wit few companies but this guys are the best. 5 stars service."

    Piotr Walczak from Farmshop Bicester Village posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Emergency Drains Cleaning Bicester

  • "PERFECT! EXCEEDING ALL MOST OPTIMISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Fair price and also very kind and tidy! They also removed their shoes when they saw my light-cream carpet!"

    Patrizio from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Blocked Drain Services

  • "MAYERDRAIN were superb. Pouring with rain, late at night they came and resolved the blocked drains with great professionalism. Simply brilliant !"

    Peter Wilks from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    24/7 Drain Services

  • "Very professional service, Nice and Lovely people. Highly recommended. I know where call of will need help with my blocked toilet / Bardzo profesjonalnie wykonana usługa, przyjaźni i ogromni mili ludzie, naprawdę polecam i w przyszłości w razie potrzeby napewno skorzystam jeszcze raz. Thank You very much."

    Monica Wilgorz posted on Facebook
    Drain/Toilet Services Oxford

  • "Never thought so much pleasure could be had from unblocking a drain! The two gentlemen who came to help us in an emergency were friendly on the phone, reassuring in a crisis and even brought humour to the situation. They dealt with a blocked toilet in no time at all, and then used their remaining time to CCTV two other drains that had been a problem in the past - all for an extremely fair price. We will 100% use them again if the need arises."

    Neil Sadler Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Blocked Drains Services

  • "Mayer drains arrived when they said they would, got straight to work and resolved the issue very quickly. Very efficient and no mess to clear up, definitely recommend them and would use them again."

    Pauline Kempson from Abingdon posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Drain Company Abingdon
  • "I rang at around midday Friday. They said they would come late afternoon. They rang at about four thirty to say they were just leaving oxford. When they arrived they tried to clear sink blockage from inside but needed to go to outside drains to establish exactly where blockage was. Used flushing equipment then camera and showed me in the screen where blockage was and what was causing it. It wasn't straightforward to locate problem but once it was they dealt with it quickly. Both men were very competent and pleasant and I would definitely use this company again."

    Barbara Jordan from Thame posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Emergency Drain Plumber
  • "A longstanding intermittent blockage in the kitchen sink outlet had not responded to my drain treatments. Mayer arrived on time, lifted manholes to establish the routing of the sewer, rodded the pipe system over the 10m to the manhole twice with various diameters and finally pressure jetted the pipes removing very large quantities of fat. The amount of fat surprised me. They continued with a jet wash until the pipes ran clear and tidied up indoors and out. They worked systematically and their competitive charges reflected the actual time spent. I have heard tales of rogue companies but was worrying unnecessarily as they were very good. I will recommend them to neighbors."

    David B from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Draiinage Company Oxfordshire
  • "This is a genuine review. I looked for someone to clear my blocked sewer. I had rodded it already and cleared part but could not get around a tight bend. I was suspicious of being owned by calling someone out as may drain cleaning services have earned a bad name. These people had lots of good reviews so I gave them a try. They were excellent. Polite, helpful, clean in their work. They arrived promptly within 30 mins of calling them. They gave me as estimate on the phone, came, jet hosed the pipe, cleared the blockage, and charged exactly as they had quoted on the phone. I would highly recommend them to anyone. And they are honest. I live in Frilford, near Abingdon. Oxfordshire. "

    Mol Smith Abingdon posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    24/7 Emergency Local Drain Company
  • "For the past week I was facing difficulties with toilet and kitchen drains blocking within my household. However not a single company wanted to give me a hand due to the fact the only time I was able to be at home to get some help was morning hours or really early afternoon hours due to work commitments. I thought I lost my hope until I found those guys which told me they work around the clock 24/7 I manage to sort out a time when they would be able to come over and solve the issue and they were just on time to help me out. Really professional attitude towards their work and customer without any playing around to make up some extra hours. They do their job effectively and I will surely use their service in future if I have to! Keep it up gents! "

    Jack De Sousa Witney posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Drain Company Witney
  • "Requested a CCTV survey. An minor incidental blockage was found which was cleared at no extra cost. Additional survey of gutter-downpipe to view soakaway. Brilliant work. Professional, thorough and both partners were very friendly. Couldn't have asked for a better service."

    Robin Gemmell Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Blocked Drains 24h Respond
  • "Amazing people. Came out to us yesterday to our pub within the hour as stated and cleared the block drains very quickly. Excellent service and price would highly recommend them."

    Diana Berry Red Lion, Old Marston
    Local Drain Company
  • "These guys have managed to sort out a systemic issue with our new house, and did so with a no nonsense and extremely friendly approach. They used camera technology to help prove the quality of their work, and not once seemed to be looking to increase and complicate things. I have already recommended our friends and neighbours consider them. An exceptionally good experience. "

    Hedley Barnes posted on Freeindex.co.uk
    Local Plumber
  • "Many thanks for the survey last Friday and please thank Chris who persevered despite our old drainage! The information he found will I am sure be invaluable. Thank you fellas. I strongly recommend MayerDrain. 

    Bryan Craig
    Oxford Drain Company
  • "The service is excellent and the personnel are great. Very responsive team and easy company to work with.  I enjoy our partnership."

    Tony Fadell

  • "A great customer experience! The flexability and speed of response from the mayerdrain manager, as well as the quality of the work and knowledge was exceptional."

    John Doe

  • "The MayerDrain team always does a great job.. The reports of CCTV were easy to understand & the data was compiled in ways which helped us identify areas to concentrate on for repair. Mayer Drain very professional work - Thank You"

    Benjain Foster
  • "MayerDrain is of course worth mentioning wherever your friends or family is in need of support within any domestic issues within the drainage and sewer system. I would highly recommend them myself as I had pleasure to cooperate with one of their team recently and I'm more than happy with the work they provided."

    Greg Johnson posted on Freeindex.co.uk
  • "Called first thing in the morning, arrived within an hour and solved the problem in 20 mins. Fast, professional and excellent all round! "

    Steve posted on Freeindex.co.uk
  • "Great Bunch of people. They do their job effectively and efficiently would highly recommend."

    Richard Simmson Bicester posted on Freeindex.co.uk

  • "Really friendly and professional would highly recommend."

    Hillary Clarkson Kidlington posted on Freeindex.co.uk

  • "I did call them with emergency and they came the same day. The job was done quickly, tidy and efficiently. No hidden cost !! I would highly recommend this company!"

    Pati Moroszczuk from Oxford posted on Freeindex.co.uk

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