Pipe Relining – How It Works

Drain relining uses trenchless technology to reline the damaged pipes. Drain relining is the long-term rehabilitation of underground stormwater and sewerage pipes. Our trenchless technology allows drain lines to be repaired with little or possibly no digging .It also reduces the overall impact of destructive and expensive excavation on the surrounding area.

How does our drain pipe relining work?

    • First CCTV is used to survey and inspect the damaged drains from existing access point
    • Drains/Pipes are then cleaned with high pressure water jets and prepared for relining
    • The reliner is impregnated with resin and a deflated bladder is inserted into the liner
    • The reliner is then inserted into the damaged pipe
    • Once in position, the bladder inflates and expands the liner to form the shape of the new pipe
    • This creates a new pipe/drain within the damaged pipe
    • The resin cures to form a permanent replacement pipe
    • The bladder is then removed to allow for immediate use of the pipe

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