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MayerDrain Domestic & Commercial Service Ltd provides emergency and reactive maintenance services to Nurserys, Schools, Colleges and Univerities in response to incidents of overflow and blockages in pipes. We are offer with a wide range of vehicles 24 hours (day and night) services response to attend emergencies and effect a recovery as soon as possible time.

Our well-known jingle says it all: When you trust MayerDrain Ltd, your plumbing and drain problems are solved—fast! We are licensed, insured, CRB checked and our uniformed and badged technicians drive MayerDrain vehicles that are fully-stocked with necessary equipment and tools. MayerDrain Ltd is professional plumbing repair and drain service company. Education Sector in Oxfordshire have relied on Mayer Drain since 2009 for honest, professional advice on all types of plumbing and drain cleaning services. Large jobs or small, we do it all: Toilet, Water, Dishwasher Sewer, Garbage Disposal, Sump Pump, Drain Cleaning, Faucet Repair, Leak Repair, Bathroom Plumbing, Frozen Pipes, Shower Repair. More people depend on MayerDrain than any other company for commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services. Our professional plumbers deliver fast, dependable service and will arrive uniformed and badged, driving a Mayer Drain vehicle.

For any enquiries, please contact the MayerDrain Hotline on 01865 802422 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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MayerDrain Maintenance and Repair of Drainage System

  • All drain pipes, including soil pipes, waste pipes, ventilating pipes and underground drain pipes shouldbe maintained in good working order without defects. All such pipes should be inspected regularly, and where leakage , blockage or defects are detected, they should be rectified immediately.
  • Minor blockage of drains can usually be cleared by high pressure water jet or rodding. In case of serious blockage by materials such as cement, the defective portion may have to be exposed and replaced.
  • Manholes should be readily accessible for regular maintenance. Access to them should not be obstructed by floor finishes, planters or furniture items. Foul air leaking from manholes can be stopped by using double seal type manhole covers, or repairing the edges of the manhole openings or cracks in the manhole covers.
  • In order to detect cracks or defects in those parts of the drain pipes which are not carrying water, e.g. ventilating pipes, it would be necessary to conduct a detailed examination by making close inspections of the pipes. Such inspections should cover each part in particular the branch pipes of the drainage system.
  • All parts of the vertical drain pipes, including soil pipes, waste pipes, ventilating pipes and branch pipes are to be checked thoroughly to ensure that there are no cracks or leaks. Where cracks or leaks are found in any section of the pipes, they should be replaced.
  • Sanitary fitments including water closets, bathtubs, lavatory basins, shower trays, sinks and floordrains should be regularly inspected, preferably once every three months, to ensure that they are ingood working order without leakage.
  • Where leakage is detected, the fitments and their associated drain pipes should be immediatelyrepaired or replaced as the case may be.
  • To better protect the health of puppils/students, they should adopt the cleaning and disinfecting procedures recommended by theEnvironmental Department to clean the sanitary fitments regularly.
  • A complaint of smell of foul air is an indication that some of the sanitary fitments are not functioning properly. The complaint should be investigated immediately to identify the cause of the problem and to take appropriate action to rectify any defects identified.
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Meet MayerDrain Domestic and Commercial Service Ltd, your friendly drain and plumbing engineering company. Providing great service, quality workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed. Our friendly team are on hand everyday to ensure your call is always answered and you are never having to chase an engineer on their mobile. We work with Home Owners; Landlords; Estate Agents; Property Mangers, Colleges and Building Contractors. Whatever your drain and plumbing needs are, in and around Oxford, our team of expert drain and plumbing engineers are on the road to solve your problem.

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